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What is a mobile website builder?

2 things are inferred with this keyword phrase.


Mobile-Optimized WebSite Builder: A system for building web sites that are optimized for display on not only traditional systems but are also optimized for touchscreen phones and tablets.


WebSite Builder for Mobile Devices: A website builder for mobile specifically means using a mobile device such as a touchscreen phone or tablet to build the website. Building the web site can be further defined as creating and/or updating the web site from a mobile device.


While a website builder may output a website which displays on desktops & mobile, it may or may not be optimized to build the website using a mobile device.


What exactly is responsive web design?

After mobile devices started appearing with different screen size dimensions there arose a need for web design layouts and templates to have the ability to automatically adapt to various devices and modes. The goal was to optimize the view of each page without having to zoom or pan and even less scrolling on pages when using smaller than desktop sized screens.

A good responsively designed web site theme (or template) can fit a touchscreen smart phone or tablet in portrait or landscape modes as well as a full sized notebook (or laptop) and desktop display.

There are several modes that need to be optimized for the standard views:

  • Phone | Portrait
  • Phone | Landscape
  • Tablet | Portrait
  • Tablet | Landscape
  • Desktop | Landscape

There can be more specific widths defined in the style sheets targeting certain devices.

A good responsive design for web will add elements when more width and height is available such as on desktop sized displays and also take away unnecessary elements when less viewing space is available such as on a phone in portrait mode.

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Acronym for responsive web design is RWD